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Logiforms is the complete package. From form design, workflows and data management. Something you don't find in other form design software.

Chuck Stark

Andrews University

Can you feel the Love?

We hear it al the time from our clients. They've tried other form design software but chose us. Why? Cause we offer more. More features. More responsive support. More of everything. See what our clients are saying about Logiforms below.

We tried other form services but none of them had advanced PDF tools like Logiforms. The ones that did cost ten times as much as Logiforms. We highly recommend you try it!

Using logiforms multi-page forms we were able to apply logic to the form such that we got exactly what we needed. The form can be as small as 4 pages or as large as 11, depending on the needs of the customer. What's more, we built many other logic rules into the form that help us to accurately collect the data we need. Dynamic form length and logic rules embedded into the form have dramatically helped us to increase our total number of form submissions. More submissions = more sales!

The flexibility of logiforms and ease with which we can do updates ourselves means that feedback from users can be incorporated into the forms quickly for continual process improvement. Logiforms makes it easy to update our forms. Security of the information being transmitted online was also a key priority for us. The SSL encryption was so easy to activate and gives us peace of mind that we are complying with data protection law.

The team behind Logiforms is amazingly helpful and responsive, and their system is extremely powerful. We are converts and will be definitely using this solution for years to come, as it will relieve a lot of headaches and pressure! We were able to devise a fairly complex form in a very short time frame.

Logiforms has made the course scheduling process dummy-proof. We didn't have to conduct campus-wide training either. Users were able to easily learn how to use the system on their own. Logiforms is the complete package. From form design to workflows to data management, it offer features you don't find in other form design software.

We use Logiforms in all of our 17+ locations across Canada. I would recommend Logiforms because of its rich functionality. The notification routing using conditional logic is one of our favorite features. We're able to correctly route form submissions to the right location and department. And its all automated.

With Logiforms, we were able to merge multiple PDF documents into a final agreement and then get it e-signed in real time. We've been able to streamline our entire process. Logiforms has been a God-send to us. We've cut our enrollment time by more than half.

I absolutely recommend Logiforms! We went from using a spreadsheet to being able to quickly dial in on an order with our order management portal. We're able to manage the entire process much more efficiently now. We've shaved off 4 hours a day with Logiforms.

Logiforms has become a staple in almost all of our business lines. We first began by integrating forms online into our website - Auto or Home Insurance quote forms, order forms for various products and to collect Travel leads for our Travel agents. We found the forms simple to create, easily customizable with graphics and had the remarkable ability to encrypt social security and credit card numbers.

The combination of powerful forms, workflows, and triggers allowed me to build an incredibly powerful system that automates my business. I got rid of almost all manual tasks! With a click of a button, I can update a document's status and notify my clients about changes. Clients no longer need to call for updates. They log in and get the complete picture. We now process 2x the applications than we did before Logiforms.

We needed a best-of-breed solution for lead generation forms and landing pages. We chose Logiforms because it's the most customizable, robust, and scalable platform in the forms' space. Logiforms' web hooks and 3rd-party integration tools made it easy to integrate with external validation services. The ability to run server-side rules with simple scripting differentiates Logiforms from the rest of the pack

Using Logiforms dynamic PDF generator, we can assemble contracts in half the time. The process works really, really well! Logiforms has saved us a monumental amount of time. Every legal office should be using this.

Logiforms is the only form software that integrates with LawPay, which is approved by 49 state bar associations. Not only did Logiforms improve our forms, but the data reporting features also saved us countless hours.

We've automated information requests from two references using Logiforms' triggers. It has saved us countless hours and thousands of dollars. This online review of applications worked so well that we're rolling it out to all our other programs. Without hesitation, I'd recommend Logiforms to anyone looking for a powerful tool to create and process higher education applications online.

The results have been incredible! The forms are immediately screened for eligibility. We spend less time on non-qualified applicants, and we can more efficiently process the qualified candidates. The electronic signatures are a huge part of the success.

Using conditional logic, we're able to distribute the PDFs we generate immediately to the correct department. That saves us a lot of administrative work. We're no longer tying up sales people with incoming calls, orders, and faxes. Everything has been automated, and it just works a whole lot better.

When we launched our ProLine Boat Giveaway, we needed a online form solution that I felt 100% confident with. aving used logiForms several times before, I knew it would support us on all counts. This turned out to be true when we launched the ProLine Boat Giveaway and we quickly saw the entries spike to the tens of thousands within just a few days!


Logiforms has always been reliable. We depend on Logiforms to gather sales and provide quick and easy service to our members.

Amy Keeling

AAA Insurance